Linkin’ Log: Some Theology, Some Culture, Some Entertaining Tweets

Lots of good, interesting links to share this time (that’s what happens when I let a backlog develop). So let’s dive right in!

First, a video. This warning from Carl Trueman about celebrity pastors is from 2016. It has aged very well.

ht Denny Burk

From Trevin Wax comes this eloquent defense of Christians being avid readers.

Ever notice that the extremely wealthy seem obsessed with living forever? So has Tim Challies, and he offers a compelling reason why.

Aaron Renn provides us with a detailed, and often disturbing, analysis of the transitions within the Evangelical world since the 1970s.

Meanwhile, the always astute Kevin de Young completely dismantles the currently popular notions of sexuality.

For preachers…three important things that may be missing from your messages.

In this interesting (and long) article in The Atlantic, the author explores why the last ten years have been so stupid. At the end he offers a little hope.

For you LOTR fans out there, this article explores Easter-related themes in Tolkien’s work.

The term “deconstruction” is much in vogue of late. Sharper Iron has a very helpful list of reasons why people are desconstructing theri faith.

A very cool archaeological find: muskets from the Revolutionary War!

On the lighter side…not only does Elon Musk own Twitter, he owns ON Twitter. An example…

Speaking of Twitter and Musk, I feel that this little exchange should have gotten more attention…

And speaking of hilarious tweets…

That’s all for now. Come back next Saturday (hopefully) for more informative, challenging, and just plain entertaining links.


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