Dr. Linkingstone, I Presume?

Several great links from around the web, so let’s get right to it.

I have often said that the hero of the Missionary Max books is a combination of Indiana Jones and David Livingstone. Given the less-than-stellar reviews of the latest Indiana Jones movie (which I have not seen), perhaps I should emphasize more the David Livingstone side of it. And if you need a primer on the life of that pioneer missionary, Tim Challies is here to help.

I make extensive use of digital books, but that does not mean I’m not a fan of physical books…or libraries.

My current reading includes a biography of the Marquis de Lafayette, and this has served to, among other things, confirm in my mind how different the American and French revolutions were. Here is a good (albeit somewhat long) treatment of Edmund Burke’s criticisms of the French Revolution.

From the same source, a thoughtful article on one of my favorite subjects: TRAINS!

Speaking of trains, the world’s largest HO scale model train layout, Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany, has added a section recreating scenes from Rio de Janeiro. It. Is. Amazing. Take a look:

Back to theology and worldview issues…the ever perceptive Carl Trueman gives an interesting perspective on how the concept of blasphemy has changed, based on recent reactions to this Monty Python classic:

This article helped me crystalize some thoughts I was having about short-term missions trips (which have always been, and continue to be, an integral part of our ministry). It caused me to apply some changes to my methods with two recent short-term groups from the US, with I think perceptible results.

For this week’s musical interlude, a video I found while looking for some listening to enhance my studies in French. Her voice blew me away.


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