Linkin’ Log: Daily Devotions, Greek Grammar, Kissing Capivaras, and more…

Anybody else here struggle with meaningful daily devotions? Here is a helpful article.

I’ve got a couple articles in the pipeline about the usefulness of Greek and Hebrew, but this article shares and benefit of the original languages that I had not considered before – the skill of thinking textually.

Toby Sumpter has a great piece on mocking modern gods.

Have you taken the time to think through a “theology of beauty”? Here are some good thoughts on the subject.

This article is behind a paywall, but take a look at the headline:TThere’s so much to digest. Mexicans upset with immigration from the US seems to be some kind of poetic justice. Also…”Californians and other Americans”…

Here’s an interesting Twitter thread showing how cities have grown over the years.

Take the time to enjoy this different take on a Carpenters classic:

Once you see it, you’ll see nothing else.

Finally, from the appropriately-named Daily Time Waster comes this fascinating chart:Well, that’s all for this week. Come back next Saturday for more interesting links, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.


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