Camp Update: The Projects, They Never End!

Since our last update we have made many trips to camp, usually spending two days at a time and performing various maintenance tasks as well as preparing for our major undertaking for this year – the renovation of the house into a dormitory.

Here are some of our latest projects:


One of our local churches donated eight used benches to the camp. They needed to be disassembled, taken to camp, painted, and reassembled.

I spent an afternoon taking the benches apart.
All loaded into the truck and on their way to camp.
Itacyara applies her artistic skills to painting the benches.
Nathanael removing old screws.
Enjoying the fruits of our labors.
The first day’s progress. At this writing, seven of the eight benches have been put together.

Transporting Bricks

As we make preparations to turn the house into a dormitory, we want to take advantage of any materials we already have on hand. There were roughly 700 bricks left over from the construction of our kitchen back in 2019-2020. These we piled into the truck and took them down to the house.

The bricks in their original condition.
Ready to roll.

New Gate

The wooden gate at the front of our property had fallen into disrepair. Luan – on of the members of our development team – made a new one.


Keeping nature at bay is a constant struggle here in the sub tropics. For this reason, every time we go to camp there is a lot of mowing involved. In addition to this, Itacyara is applying her gardening talents to the camp, taking it to a whole new level of aesthetic beauty.

Nathanael and his cousin take a break from clearing off the soccer field.
Pastor Geandro – another member of our development team – has developed a special knack for the weed whacker.
Itacyara begins work on the area surrounding the pavilion.
How it’s going.
The solution to a particularly steep part of the trail: a staircase made of discarded tires. So people will get…you know…less tired.

Sealing the Floor

We keep the pavilion floor painted a sealed, to protect it from the depredations of nature.

Access Road

The access to our new property was not adequate for the entrance of large vehicles carrying needed construction materials, neither was it conducive to buses bringing loads of campers. Thus, a new entrance road was necessary.

Stay tuned…lots more to come!


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