Linkin’ Log: Salman Rushdie, Jane Goodall, Some Cool Videos, more…

Lot’s of interesting things to share this week, so let’s just dive right in.

Current reading:

The Coming of Post-Industrial Society by Daniel Bell

The Age of Entitlement by Christopher Caldwell

North or be Eaten by Andrew Peterson

I’ve posted several Carl Trueman articles in the past, and see no reason to stop now. Here he reacts to the recent attempt on the life of Salman Rushdie. His take is at once enlightening and sobering. Best quote: “Indeed, that J. K. Rowling has earned the ire of both Islamic fundamentalists and trans activists is no coincidence.”

Speaking of Trueman, enjoy this recent interview with him in World Magazine. The last Q&A is especially valuable, I think.

Expanding on that answer, here’s a great article on the mission of the Church in the world.

Trying to find the lie in this Venn  diagram…

Speaking of the World Economic Forum, here’s Jane Goodall (the “Gorillas in the Mist” lady) casually talking about removing huge swaths of the population from our planet. Chilling.

For all you Greek nerds out there (you know who you are), something to think about the next time you hear a pastor say from the pulpit “the Greek language is perfectly precise…”

Here’s a fascinating and mystifying story about an Air Force Captain who disappeared into thin air, and reappeared 35 years later.

You probably studied in school that the reason Brazil was colonized by the Portuguese was because of the Papal Line of Demarcation. But there is more to it than that. Much more!

Here is tthe latest Open Roading video…be sure to stay for the bloopers at the end.

How many of you remember these kind of prices?

This one is more in line with today’s reality…

I’ll leave you with this gem:


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