Linkin’ Log: No Snappy Subtitle This Week, Just a Random List of Things I Found Online That Interest Me For Various Reasons

Current Reading (unchanged from last week)

What is Analytic Philosophy? by Hans Johann Glock

Religion and the Rise of Western Culture by Christopher Dawson

The Existence and Attributes of God by Stephen Charnock

From the archives: my first real encounter with PC culture.

A common theme I am noting in my philosophy studies (certainly not one that is being encouraged by my professors, mind you) is that when one removes God from the equation, confusion ensues. Alan Shlemon touches on a similar theme here.

Speaking of college, here is an important component to a young person’s graduating with their faith intact.

A helpful reminder that chapter breaks in the Bible are not inspired, and are sometimes counter productive.

Here’s a timely reminder on the related concepts of common grace and “plundering the Egyptians”.

A sobering look at the current condition of a nation that was once a spiritual oasis and missions powerhouse.

Self discipline: an analogy from the world of aviation.

If anybody ever tells you that cancel culture is not real, or that it doesn’t affect Christians, kindly point them to this article, which is a follow-up to this one, featured here earlier.

On the lighter side…

Can anybody else relate?
I TOTALLY have not done this since I was six, and DEFINITELY did not do it yesterday…
Time to call out the militia!

No new Open Roading video this week, but here’s another one of my favorites from a while ago. As always, don’t forget to subscribe to their channel.

And to wrap things up, we have an entry in the “so-you-think-you’re-having-a-bad-day” category…


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