Linkin’ Log: Ukraine, Canada, Lachish, and Other Disasters

Here are some of the better things I have read online since…well…since last time I posted one of these.

Of course everybody’s mind is on Ukraine right now. Here’s an interesting thread that investigates the reasons for why the things are the way they are.

Where’s the lie?

The following cartoon quotes an actual tweet that was actually tweeted

This is an old article, and a good one, in that it provides a look into the liberal/progressive bias in academia.

Carl Trueman takes no prisoners in this indictment of the decadence being promoted by the current administration.

The Canadian truckers have been quelled, and eclipsed in the news cycle by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but I contend that it is a watershed moment in Western history. Doug Wilson concurs.

If you need some warm fuzzies (and at this point, who doesn’t?) here’s a story of how an eight-year-old boy got his book included in the local library.

As tyrants rise around the world, here’s one man’s story of how his family survived and escaped Communist China.

An interesting vindication of the Old Testament account of the destruction of Lachish.

Here’s a fascinating article that seems to confirm a theory that I’ve held for a long time – that the Philistines were of Greek origin.



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