Linkin’ Log: Ancient Languages, the Metaverse, Racist Math, and more…

It’s been a while since our last list of useful links, so this one might be a little long.

One of the most valuable places on the Internet for me this year has been the Aleph with Beth Youtube channel. Together with her husband Andrew, Bethany Case has created an amazing resource for learning biblical Hebrew. And if New Testament Greek is your thing, you should check out their sister channel, Alpha with Angela.

While we’re on the subject of ancient languages, take some time to watch this very informative video on the development of cuneiform writing. Lots of good history, and even some biblical connections.

Samuel D. James takes a look at Facebook’s new “Metaverse”…and what he sees is frightening.

Also about the Metaverse – how it could impact the church.

From Daniel Martyn Harris comes this timely warning of the dangers of segregating church by age groups.

Definitely read this story. But also definitely have a hanky nearby.

In keeping with the season, here is my Thanksgiving post from last year.

As a youngster trying to get out of doing Algebra assignments, it never occurred to me to use the excuse that “math is racist”. It has occurred to some people, however. Nancy Pearcey takes apart that particular argument here.

Speaking of woke absurdities, it’s November, which means that Doug Wilson is pulling no punches.

Ever notice that the blue states don’t live up to leftist Utopian ideals? The New York Times (I know, right?) put together the following video to explain why. Also, read this accompanying article.

There has been a lot of negative chatter against “purity culture” of late. This article by Samuel D. James puts things into perspective.

With the recent release of a new Dune movie, here’s a look at the worldview that Frank Herbert brought to life in his books.

Well…there are more, but I think I’ll save them for next week.


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