Linkin’ Log: Hitting the Links After a Long Break

There is absolutely no way I can even come close to including here all the fascinating links I have collected since our last Linkin’ Log went live. A “best of the best” will have to suffice.

First up, this short but profound post by my Dad is worth a read.

I have often wondered if, at the Tower of Babel, we don’t see the creation of the major linguistic families (Indo-European, Semitic, etc.) This author thinks so, and puts some flesh on the idea.

And speaking of languages (see what I did there?), here’s what some of those ancient tongues may have sounded like:

Christianity and science are incompatible, right? Wrong.

A great post from Sharper Iron in Galatians that features a cameo by none other than Humphrey Bogart.

As often hapens, Doug Wilson hits this one out of the park.

Our neighbor to the north (well…YOUR neighbor to the north) continues to descend into dystopia. Fun story: in a recent Political Philosophy class one of my professors was talking about how public medicine can be co-opted to serve the needs of the state. I brought up just such a situation is mentioned in this article…and got a shrug.

The philosophy departments of universities receive (often well-deserved) criticism for actively undermining the faith of students. It’s refreshing to read, therefore, of those who were led through philosophy to Christ…even if such examples are from almost 1800 years ago.

And for our musical interlude, this is…well…something.


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