Camp Update: Mount Zion Baptist Camp from Above

A friend recently visited the Mount Zion Baptist Camp with us, and brought his drone. What follows is some of the footage he got, as well as some other scenes he took with his iPhone.

Some points of interest:

0:04 An overview of the camp, with the kitchen/activity complex on the right, and the dorms on the left.

0:16 The dormitories.

0:40 Another view of the dorms, showing the entrance to that part of the camp.

1:15 The kitchen/activity area. The main entrance to the camp (blue gate) and part of the soccer field can be seen in the top right.

1:35 Still the kitchen/activity area, but to the right you can see the area being cleared off for a water slide.

2:10 The soccer field.

2:20 Future water slide

2:32 Stairway leading to the trails.

2:40 The trails

3:11 The river

4:20 A ground view of the dorms.

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