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What is Analytic Philosophy? by Hans Johann Glock

Religion and the Rise of Western Culture by Christopher Dawson

The Existence and Attributes of God by Stephen Charnock

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Why the Left Hates my Marriage

Best of Brazil

ABBA and the Real Life Dancing Queen

Interesting Links

Carl Trueman, regularly featured in this space, observes an interesting rift in the LGBT+ movement, and examines the implications.

Surrounded by increasing secularism on all sides, Stephen McAlpine wants us to remember that Jesus is still working!

From Australia comes this interesting exhortation for the local church to act as a kind of alternative government, giving the world a vision of what could be.

Kevin DeYoung – another frequent “guest” here – brings us some lessons from, of all things, Liz Cheney’s election loss. They might surprise you.

Here’s a fascinating look into the history of Luther’s German translation of the Bible, complete with some really cool illustrations.

James Wood challenges a popular (in some Christian circles, anyway) notion of winsomeness.

Musical Interlude

Last week we featured an amazing piano solo. This week here’s one in a less formal setting, but with no less awesomeness.


Perhaps the most incredible of all the footage I saw from Hurricane Ian:

Via the Daily Time Waster. I need one of these for camp.

My brother Joe shared this with me the other day. When oh when will people learn to use quotation marks correctly?

And speaking of my brother, we cannot have a “Linkin’ Log” without the latest Open Roading video, produced by Joe and his wife Kalyn. Be sure to like and follow their YouTube channel.


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