FBC Missions Trip Part One: Camp Work

Since last year we have been planning for the arrival of a large (nineteen people!) missions team from our sending church, Fellowship Baptist Church in Lakeland, Florida. Pastor Ryan and his team spent close to two weeks with us, and their time here was so eventful that we have to break it down into parts.

First and foremost, they invested heavily in the Mount Zion Baptist Camp. Their goal was to build our water slide…which they did…but they accomplished so much more.

The team from Fellowship.
The work on the slide begins.
Setting up the sprinkler system.
Laying down the canvas.
Looking good!
Testing the hydraulics.
The first vict…er…volunteer.
Down he goes. Spoiler alert: he survived.
It was a long day.
Other work included cleaning the trails…
…and giving the bathrooms a much-needed new coat of paint.
The end result.
Grounds work in preparation for English Day.
Painting a fence. Alert readers will notice that these two workers are my Dad and Mom, Harold and Judy Comings.

Stay tuned for more details of the trip…including video of the water slide in action!


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