Camp Report: Big New Project and Other Miscellany

As the title suggests, we have a new project happening at camp, and we’re really excited to see this finally happen.


Earlier this year we were made aware of a significant grant that had been made available to BMM missionaries for construction projects. We put in an application for funds to build a front porch on our dormitory. Not only would this improve the aesthetics of the structure, but it would also increase the sleeping capacity, as campers would be able to sling their hammocks there.

Many of you prayed with us about this, and a couple weeks ago we found out that we had indeed been approved.

Fast forward to this week.

Itacyara and I spent yesterday and today buying the materials and contracting the workers who will build the front porch.

The first construction materials arrived at camp yesterday.

While taking care of those details, we also worked on a couple other minor projects.

This access door we used with our old gate has now been moved to our side entrance, where it replaces the makeshift wire gate we used to use.

If you missed our report about the new front gate, you can read it here.

Itacyara also had a great idea to line the flower beds by the pavilion with a bamboo fence.

Sawing bamboo with a circular saw was a challenge. Fortunately, all fingers are intact and firmly attached to hands.
The progress so far.

Stay tuned here as we update you on the progress of our dorm project, and other cool things we have in the pipeline!

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