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Ministry Update: The 2022 Baptist Mid Missions All-Brazil Conference

One of the main reasons we took a shorter furlough this year (ten months as opposed to the traditional twelve) was so that we could participate in this year’s meeting of all our BMM missionaries in Brazil. These times are always a blessing, and this year was no exception.

The Setting

The conference was hosted in lovely city of Gramado – a community with a large German and Italian influence. Conference attendees were able to enjoy the surrounding natural wonders and tourist attractions.

The spectacular Caracol Cataracts.

To my great delight, the city of Gramado features an extensive G Scale layout (if you don’t know what those terms mean, ask the model railroader closest to you) called “Mini Mundo”. It was so amazing, I went twice.

Spectacular natural beauty. Oh, and some pretty nice mountains.

The Business at Hand

While we greatly enjoyed the city of Gramado and surrounding areas, our purpose for being there was to carry out the business of our mission agency in Brazil. So during the week we participated in several meetings of our regional and national field councils. I participated in a couple committees, was nominated for a couple more committees, and was able to secure a couple grants for some of our national ministries here in Maranhão.

Each day we were blessed with messages brought to us by Baptist Mid Missions president Patrick Odle.
I able to share a report of our Maranhão field with the assembled missionaries.

Even more than the beautiful scenery and business schedule, the part of these meetings we most look forward to is the fellowship with our fellow missionaries who are stationed all over Brazil. We communicate online throughout the year, but that is no substitute for personal contact. As I have mentioned before, our missionary team is dwindling at a frighteningly rapid pace. This was one of the major topics of concern at our meeting. Nevertheless, the fellowship was great, and the overall tone very optimistic.

The BMM missionaries present at the conference.
Current missionary kids, together with second and third-generation missionaries. Nathanael can be seen seated at the far right.

I really cannot think of a better way to start our fourth term here in Brazil. We came away spiritually, emotionally, and physically refreshed.

Now, on to the tasks at hand!


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