Camp Update: Construction Continues

Our work at camp has been dominated by the construction of the dormitories. Since our last report progress has been made, although much slower than I would have liked. We are working hard to get them livable by the beginning of September, when the first of three events takes place.

Here are some pictures showing the main work that has been accomplished:

Most of the floors of the old house had to be completely redone.
Wet cement on the floor, former doorway blocked over. Each room will be its own self-contained apartment.
My friend Matthew Trick (an American missionary who was visiting us) and I paint the grates that will go over the windows.
Itacyara painting one of the doors.
Delcy, a lady from one of our local churches, takes her turn at the weed whacker.
Matthew and I raking up grass and dry leaves.
The area immediately around the dorms has been cleared away, and it looks 100% better.
Itacyara and Rafael, one of the teens from our church, painted our camp logo (designed by our son Michael) on the bathroom wall facing the pavilion.
I “helped”.
The finished product.
Bathroom stalls being completed.
The truck loaded down with more supplies for camp. We praise God for the provision of this S-10. This construction project would have been impossible without it.
Franciélio and I risking life and limb to fix a defective ceiling tile in the kitchen.
More doors to paint.

In the midst of all of this work, we try hard not to take our eyes off the ball, which in this case is the ministry to young people (and adults) that will take place at this facility.

I am actually writing this post from an internet hotspot  near camp, where we are spending the next couple of days doing more work. Lord willing I’ll have more pictures to share on Instagram by Thursday, so stay tuned!

Also, keep praying that we will be able to finish by September, and that the money we have on hand will outlast the construction that still needs to be done. As always, keep checking back here for ways you can help with the camp project.

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