Camp Update: Waterfront Development

The last three weeks have seen some major progress in our camp construction project. First we had a Pastors and Wives retreat. Then we were able to make major progress on the kitchen. And then last week, thanks to a generous donation from one of our area pastors, we were able to turn a portion of the river that flows behind our camp property into beautiful swimming hole.

Here are some pictures of that particular project as it developed.

At the outset, the swimming area was full of tree stumps like this one. It took a crew of twelve men to get them out.
When the men finished clearing the area of debris, this is what it looked like.
The next two days, a crew of five – including two guys from our churches and yours truly – cut the posts and boards, wrestled them into place, and filled and placed the sandbags.
One of the coolest (in my opinion) features of our handiwork is this waterside bench.
Francielio and Luan are both part of our camp development team, and are always ready and eager to get “down and dirty” in the construction process.
Fortunately for Francielio, in this kind of work there are many opportunities to enjoy the fruits of one’s labors.
The end result.

And finally, check out this video from the camp’s Instagram account:


Something to meditate on as you prepare for worship this morning.

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