Weekend Linkin’ Log

Here are some of the best things that have come across my virtual desktop over the last two weeks.

A Little Church History

Wycliffe translator Eddie Arthur with a helpful reminder for students of Church History. I heartily endorse his book recommendation at the end as well.

Christian Living

Doug Eaton warns us of a Trojan Horse to look out for as we battle temptation.

Related: Simon van Bruchem reminds us that sin is worse than we think it is.

Culture Wars

From Zambia comes this helpful parsing of the difference between patriotism and idolatry.

This post destroys the spurious “pro-life is really pro-forced birth” argument that is in vogue today.

On the Lighter Side

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Current Reading

A War Like No Other (still)

Children of Ash and Elm


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