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This week we have some substantial links for you to peruse.

Carl Truman with a thought-provoking article on the need for Protestants to get back to Church History and the Creeds.

Alan Shlemon points out an intriguing similarity between those who advocate “gay accepting” theology in the present and those who advocated for “slavery accepting” theology in the past.

Tim Challies shares a beautiful quote from a recent book on the beauty of gender difference.

And a subject near and dear to my heart…the benefit of small rural churches.

In case you missed them, parts one and two of our series on language acquisition for short-term missionaries are up.

Just for fun…


I mean…who would agree to such a thing?
I could probably get used to living here… (source)

If you find yourself in need of a day-brightener, do yourself a favor and watch this video.

The latest (as of this writing) Open Roading video is up, and it’s full of the awesomeness we have all come to expect from Joe and Kalyn’s work.


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