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Ministry Update: Boas Novas Anniversary Conference

As is our custom, the Boas Novas (Good News) Baptist Church held its annual conference this last weekend. Itacyara and I were pleased to be involved in various ways in the conference. We were also blessed and refreshed by the hopeful and encouraging messages brought by Pastor Euzimarques – a friend of ours from back when we worked in Ceará.

The church filled up on Saturday evening.
Saturday children’s ministry.
Pastor Euzimarques bringing the Word.
Sunday morning, after Sunday School, it was churrasco time!
We are, after all, Baptists.
Itacyara helped organize many aspects of the conference.
Pastor Euzimarques having his first taste of Guaraná Jesus, our local soft drink.
The members and visitors at Boas Novas on Sunday evening.
We were blessed with the presence of many kids from our Saturday kids club.
The dedicated young people (and one not-so-young-people) who worked hard to bring good music to the conference.
Happy birthday, Boas Novas!

Bonus…a quick taste of our worship service!


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