Pray for the Iguatu Camp Retreat

As a boy, I remember a specific week at Lamoka Baptist Camp when God showed His power in a wonderful way.

On Thursday of that week, the forecast called for rain–and lots of it. Torrential rain puts a serious “damper” on any camp program. My Dad–program director for that week–called the staff and campers together and asked that everybody pray that God would hold off the rain. Everybody prayed, and God held off the rain. Bucketloads of rain fell all around the camp, while we remained high and dry.

But that was not the demonstration of God’s power that I am talking about. No, that came the next day, when at breakfast Dad asked everybody to pray–not that it not rain, but that God’s would show himself powerful whatever the weather.

We got drenched. The planned program was completely ruined. Kids had to stay in their cabins. And revival swept the camp. Young people came to Christ. Believers got right with God. And God was glorified.

I tell this story to emphasize a point. As we approach this year’s Carnaval retreat at the Iguatu Camp, we are facing many challenges. Not the least among these is the fact that our lake is very low due to lack of rain in the region. The directors and I feel that we are going into this week with some distinct disadvantages.

My first instinct is to ask you to pray for torrential rain so that our lake will fill with water and our camp with kids. That would be my plan–and God is certainly capable of doing it.
But I am wondering if my plan might be a little too small for God. Would all of you please pray that God would be glorified this week, that the Holy Spirit would touch people’s lives, and souls will be added to His kingdom.

Below are some pictures of the counselors meeting we had today. God has provided a wonderful program director in Pr. Ricardo, and a very promising staff of counselors.

Ricardo lays the groundwork.

Simone, Manú, and Adelice listen intently.

An energy-filled crew.
These are the people through whom I am convinced God wants to do mighty things during the Carnaval retreat. Pray for us!


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  1. Hi…Prayers are headed out for rain on the Comings parade!! God has a plan but He just has not reveled it to all of us yet!! Like the little boy told his mom about the meat on the altar to prove God’s greatness, the rain came …for the gravy!! Love and Prayers, from Earlville,NY Ada

  2. I prayed for you, your fam, the directors, counselors, and campers this morning. So often, here in the High Desert of Brazil (the Sertao), we only get the scent of rain as it rains all around us! I´m praying that you have more than a scent of rain, that these individuals get spiritually drenched!

  3. Yep – will be praying. And…I’ll post this for our folks at the Academy and the Church to see. And…we have some needs for torrents of God’s grace up here as well.

  4. don’t know if my last message got to u from this very illiterate computer user!!!! Will send some candy with D since u didn’t ask for nada!!!
    Will pray for all!!!! love to all!!!

  5. You are in my thots and prayers. Many happy memories of camp there helps me visualze your situation.

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