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As I gradually return from a hiatus in updating this website, there are a number of relevant activities that bear reporting. I am reluctant, however, to litter the site with individual posts for each one of them. Therefore, I will summarize them in this one post.

Itacyara’s Teaching Methods Class

In November Itacyara finished up her classes at our Bible Institute. Her students were enthusiastic about the things they have learned, and our church has asked her to give a condensed version to our Sunday School teachers next month.

Preaching Opportunities

I’ve had numerous opportunities to bring the Word, both at our church and in other places. As our church will be without a pastor as of next month, I’ll be filling the pulpit more often.


After the 2022 teen retreat we met with the young people who organized the program, and who run our social media accounts, to discuss what worked, what didn’t work, and ideas for the future. We are very excited for the prospects for 2023.

Speaking of the Retreat…

One way you know if a camp was a success was if the campers don’t want it to end. The week after the teen retreat some of the campers organized an afterglow on the beach.


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