Motorcycle Mishap

The following is an adaptation of a report I posted to Facebook. I have updated it and modified it to fit the blog format.

We arrived at camp on Friday afternoon and set about contracting workers for the various jobs that need to be done.

As we were pulling out of the home of the last contractor, I looked up to see a motorcycle bearing down on us. It was dark and he had no lights on, so by the time I saw him he was almost on top of our car. I slammed on the breaks and the motorcycle swerved out of the way, careening wildly and landing unceremoniously in the ditch.

Michael, Francielio and I ran over to see if the rider was OK. Thankfully he was, his most serious wound being a scratched cheek. The motorcycle was a little worse off, but still operable.

As we were pulling the bike out of the ditch a crowd of motorcyclists began to gather and ask who did this. I know these things can get ugly quickly, especially when it comes to the white foreigner. So I had Michael run and get my friend who we had just talked to. He is a respected man in the community, and his presence calmed things down.

We gave the man a ride to his home, and then to the hospital. On the way I urged him to consider why God had spared him this evening. When we arrived at his house we discovered that he has family members who are believers.

After he got his face stitched up, we bought him some medicine, the took him back home. I then said I would like to share a few words. The family gathered around, and I shared the gospel with them – urging them to think of how fragile life is, and how desperate their situation is before God.

Please be in prayer for this family. Pray for their salvation, pray that I would have more opportunities to interact with them.

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