Camp Update: First Ever Ladies Retreat!

Ever since we began hosting events at the Mount Zion Baptist Camp plans have been underway to host an annual conference for USAFEM, our regional ladies fellowship. Last month those plans came to fruition, thanks to the determined organization of the ladies, and to contributions which allowed the camp to provide more comfortable accommodations for them.

The event was a huge success, getting rave reviews from every quarter. Here are some pictures:

As is always the case, these events require much preparation beforehand. Here is the pavilion, the night before the retreat.
The Sun rises on yet another camp event.
Breakfast is served!
The ladies gathered in the pavilion, ready and anxious to hear the Word.
This is the group of ladies involved in planning the retreat. They did an outstanding job.
As we are good Baptists, food and fellowship are never lacking.
Key to the success of the event was the construction of the new porch on the dorm, which raised the comfort level, and increased the number of campers we can host.
Our swimming area also got a makeover.
As always, the bonfire at the end provides a special moment of reflection. 


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