More Conference Pics

Here are some pictures given to me by one of our students of the Intentional Discipleship seminar and Theologcial Conference.

Here is another picture of me translating for John A. Stewart. Notice how I am “one with the microphone”.

Every day we began the session with prayer for the progress of the Gospel in different parts of the world. Our students took this very seriously.

Every morning of the conference was dedicated to the Intentional Discipleship course.

What excuses do people give for not engaging in the discipleship process? Here students vote on the top excuses–or “fear factors”–they have heard/used.

Students shared what they learned…while I whispered furtive translations into Dr. Sterwart’s ear.

In the evening our sessions were preceded by special music from the students. Here a female quintet does a lovely a capella number. I hope to have video of this for next week’s Musical Interlude.

Talk back to the missionary:
Going back a couple pictures, what excuses have YOU heard/used to not be involved in the discipleship process?


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