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After yesterday’s post I had not expected to return to the subject of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God any time soon. However, as I perused the blog of Mrs. Cardoso today (morbid curiosity led me to add it to my RSS feed reader), I was surprised to see a post singing the praises of a brand new social network–Planet Universal.

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From what I can see, this is the first ever direct reference to the Universal Church at the Succeed in Life website. What’s more, Mrs. Carsoso’s post includes a link to the Universal Church’s US website, something I searched in vain to find yesterday. Interestingly, the website is tagged as “beta”.
I’m not going to flatter myself into thinking that my piece posted yesterday was the catalyst for today’s announcement. This blog is way too “small potatoes” for that. However, I do find it interesting that up until now there has been no mention of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God on the SiLC website.
Mrs. Cardoso’s ariticle includes the following gem:

Unlike other social networks, Planet Universal has been created to help you grow spiritually and be around people who seek to do the same. In fact, not everyone can get in. That’s right, we are not looking for numbers but for quality.

The idea of invite-only membership is hardly new, and as to the “numbers versus quality” bit, all I can say, based on everything I have seen of the Universal Church so far, is “riiiiiiiiiiight”.
A little further on she states,

Alternatively, here’s another way you can get in. Planet Universal is giving away 100 invites to successful applicants.Check here to see if you have what it takes.

I’m pretty sure I don’t have what it takes. Here’s why:
I’m not willing to give my entire life savings to a self-styled bishop in order to receive some material blessing God never promised me in the first place. Two thousand years ago, on a cross outside the city of Jerusalem, Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price in order to reconcile me to God. He became the only Sacrifice necessary for me to obtain God’s blessing. Everything I give to Him now is out of pure gratitude, with no thought of receiving anything in return. I have peace with the Almighty, what else could I want?
Talk back to the missionary: Anybody out there part of Planet Universal?

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