One of our local churches, Sião Baptist, recently hosted a youth conference with the theme “Winning the Battle”. The motiff was military, and I had the privilege of delivering the first address: “The Strategy of the Enemy”.
The youth group at Sião Baptist went out of their way to make this a memorable event. Below is the poster they made and sent to all the churches, complete with a picture of each speaker, “photoshopped” into a military uniform.
Conference Poster
Here are some more pictures from the conference:
Andrew with Sião Youth Group
In keeping with the theme, I went in full battle dress (a Swiss paratrooper’s uniform I picked up at a military surplus store in Florida). Each of the teens is wearing a personalized camoflage t-shirt. They also gave me one, which I wore underneath the uniform.
Walynson Wears the Helmet
Norma Wears the Helmet
Janielle Wears the Helmet
Elis Wears the Helmet
After the service, everybody wanted to try on the helmet!
Pastor Wellck
I preached at our church on Sunday, so was not able to make the second evening of the conference. On Monday, however, the speaker was Pastor Wellck, who came in a uniform that was a little more “old skool”.
Pastor Wellck Wears the Helmet
Of course, after the service he still had to try on the helmet.
One of the more creative aspects of the evening was a micro marching band that called everybody to worship, and then provided music after the service. Here is the video:

Besides the cool theme, the conference was spiritually rich as well. I was gratified at the response from the young people to the challenge I gave at the end of my message, and they were obviously impacted by the other two messages as well.