Last night was the final presentation of the Amiguinhos de Jesus, a puppet ministry that began sixteen years ago. Incidentally, our last presentation was at the Faith Baptist Church in Juazeiro–also the site of the first presentation “way back in the day”.
I mentioned this to one of our puppeteers, and her response was “Wow! I was five back then!”
There were almost 200 people in attendance, most of them children. As the organizer and trainer of the group, this was one of my proudest moments. The Gospel was presented several times, all in ways that never once lost the kid’s attention.
Below are some pictures from the evening.
Daniel, a member of the team from years gone by, brings to life one of his famous magic tricks.
Last Puppet Show
A final farewell from the Amiguinhos de Jesus puppets and puppeteers.
Daniel and Bagaço clowning around after the show.
Last Puppet Presentation
A final group shot. *snif*
And finally…
For the Birds
Some more pictures just became available. Rather than make a new post I am going to include them here.
Todos os Animais
“Mestre Misarevlis” and Laraginha teach the kids a song.
And of course a momentous occasion such as this had to end in pizza!
Talk back to the missionary: Anybody have puppet-team related memories? Share them with us in the comments section.