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Puppets in Campos Sales

In 1995 I had the privilege of working in the small interior town of Campos Sales. I was then a student at the Cariri Baptist Seminary, where I now serve as Internship Coordinator. Last weekend I went back to Campos Sales with our seminary puppet team for two days of evangelism.

Here are the pictures:

Our first presentation was in the outlying community of Poço de Pedras (Rock Well). The above picture shows us setting up the stage.

The Poço de Pedras community consists of two rows of houses like this one, all within sight of the church building.

“Laranginha” and I decided to go out and “warm up the crowd”.

We certainly got people’s attention…

After our presentation we took this picture with some of the brethren from the congregation.

On Sunday morning we did a presentation for the opening of the kid’s club at the Campos Sales church.

As usual, we played to a full house.

The church in Campos Sales has a radio program on Sunday afternoons. They invited us to participate.

I was given the opportunity to share a quick devotional on-air. This is me, driving home some particularly important point.

Here our team poses with the radio station staff.

We had an amazing time in Capos Sales, as evidenced by this picture of Eder quite literally “walking on air”.


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