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Meet Missionary Max

Death-defying taxi drivers, corrupt government officials, hordes of angry natives, Nazi robots…

Wait…did you say Nazi robots?

Yes. Yes we did. It’s all in a day’s work for the one and only Missionary Max.

Missionary Max is a fictional character created by real-life missionary Andrew Comings. He (Max, not Andrew) is something of a cross between David Livingstone and Indiana Jones. If you like high adventure mixed with side-splitting humor (and, honestly, who doesn’t?) you need to pick up the two (so far) Missionary Max books (available in Kindle and paperback versions).

Missionary Max and the Jungle Princess

This is where we get to know Maxwell Sherman, and where he gets to know the tropical island of Cabrito, as well as the beautiful Ilana, its most charming inhabitant. Follow Maxwell as he comes to grips with his calling as “Missionary Max”, while at the same time confronting street criminals, corrupt officials, the powerful and unscrupulous Santana family, and some very angry (not to mention hungry) tribesmen.

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Missionary Max and the Lost City

Fresh off their first adventure, Missionary Max and the jungle princess Ilana find themselves at odds once again with the powerful Santana family. What seems to be a plot to gain total control of island of Cabrito turns out to be something much more sinister, as ancient native superstitions combine with reborn Nazi technology. Suddenly Max finds himself in a fight for his life, and, due to the unexpected presence of his American girlfriend, for his sanity.

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NEW! Read a sample.

What people are saying about the Missionary Max books.

Here are some excerpts from reviews found on Amazon:

“Missionary Max and the Jungle princess is a great adventure book for all ages! it is engaging, amusing and easy to read. This book has got a bit of everything, romance, comedy, political drama, adventure, and an undertone of the Christian way of life in the background.”

“Wonderful adventure. No preaching or degrading into sermonizing, just a exciting good story of a man living out a real faith.”

“…this book is very well done and it is what Christian entertainment should be!”

“…every time you feel like you’ve been led down a literary rabbit trail you end up amazed as it all ties together in an epic finish. Do judge this book by it’s cover…. because the cover renders just one of the dozens of thrilling moments.”

“My children loved these books. They were laughing while reading them, and also reading parts aloud. They thoroughly enjoyed them and asked if there was more.”

Stay tuned…there’s more to come!

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