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Introducing the Ebenezer Recorder Orchestra

For several weeks now I’ve been teasing on social media about our new recorder orchestra. Last night, in the second service of our annual conference, and in front of our entire association of churches, they ministered for the first time.

Of course we had to start with Come Thou Fount, which, besides being my favorite hymn, is also the de facto theme song of our church (the song is known as “Ebenezer” in the Brazilian hymnal).

Then we moved on to God is So Good.

I wish you could have seen the musicians’ faces afterward…they were positively glowing with the excitement of their accomplishments. We already have two more engagements scheduled.

This, by the way, is a direct result of our Music Week earlier this year. Indeed, one of the harmony parts for God is So Good was written by one of the teachers at that event.

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