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Survey Trip to Morros

For the past few months our churches have been planning an evangelistic outreach in the region of the city of Morros, where our camp is located. Yesterday I accompanied three other pastors and a couple laymen as we visited the area to make arrangements for the campaign. We visited the camp, a house that has been made available for our use, and a school where he hope to hold activities for kids. We also visited a couple government organs in order to get permission to use the school and the public square.

Perhaps the most eye-opening moment of the day was when, after approving our request for use of the school building one of the administrators asked if we could do anything to help her confront an epidemic of child abuse that she is confronting in her area. She informed us that five cases have been reported to her in the last month! Needless to say, we are working hard to help her in this respect.

Our evangelistic outreach is scheduled for November 24th and 25th. Your prayers as we prepare are much appreciated.

Photos courtesy of Glayton and Pastor Francivaldo

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