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Missionary Max Through The Eyes of Kids

I’ve written about Mrs. Oliveira’s sixth grade class and their reading of the Missionary Max books before. Every once in a while she sends me pictures the kids draw as she reads to them. Getting these pictures is one of the highlights of my day.

Here is some of the more recent artwork I have received.

One of my favorite scenes from Missionary Max and the Jungle Princess.
This version of the infamous Green Monkey genuinely frightens me.
If you have read Missionary Max and the Lost City, this sequence makes perfect sense. I especially got a kick out of the top right panel.
A pretty imaginative take on the “Victory Knight”.
Another version of the “Victory Knight”.
This student has captured one of the more poignant moments in “Lost City”, when Ray finally turns his back on an idol that has held him captive for years.
This is Max in a jail cell in “Lost City.” It also pretty much captures my mood when I’m at the gym early in the morning.

I’m told that there is something really awesome in the works from this class in the near future…I’m on pins and needles!!!


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