Missionary Max

Missionary Max Artwork

Over the years we have accumulated several pieces of art to accompany the Missionary Max series. I’ve decided to post them all in one place. Future artwork will be included here as well.

Cover Art

It has been a pleasure to work with Brazilian artist Zilson Costa, who has made the outstanding cover art for both Missionary Max books.

Missionary Max and the Jungle Princess

Missionary Max and the Lost City

Stand-Alone Artwork

Besides the covers, Zilson has drawn several pieces, either to accompany sections of the books that I have published here, or for special projects.

Excerpt from Missionary Max and the Jungle Princess

Excerpt from Missionary Max and the Lost City

Excerpt from the yet-to-be-released third Missionary Max book

Illustration for Mrs. Oliveira’s sixth-grade class

Fan Art

Mrs. Oliveria’s sixth-grade class sent me several pieces of artwork that they drew as they read the book in class. Here are a couple of my favorites. You can see more here.

What about you?

Did a passage from one of the Missionary Max books inspire your artistic abilities? If so, send it in (brazilnut72 at gmail dot com), and who knows…it might find its way here!


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