Missionary Max

BIG NEWS!!! Officially Introducing Missionary Max and the Lost City

The second book in the Missionary Max series, Missionary Max and the Lost City, is officially available in paperback!

Evil is afoot on the tropical island of Cabrito, and ex-Green Beret Maxwell Sherman­—or “Missionary Max”, as he is known to the islanders—is standing in its way. Answering a plea for help from a local indigenous tribe, he soon finds himself embroiled in deadly conflict with the corrupt Santana family. With Ilana, the beautiful jungle princess, at his side, he must face down shadowy mercenaries, secret Nazi technology, and a bloodthirsty jungle people led by a fierce, red-headed warrior queen. And of course it is at this precise moment that Mary Sue, his girlfriend from the US, shows up for a visit….

If you enjoyed Missionary Max and the Jungle Princess, you are sure to thrill at the new adventures of our intrepid missionary hero.

Note: a Kindle version will be available soon.

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