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Snapshots of Missionary Life: “Psychotria Nervosa” and Other Interesting Pictures

Our furlough adventures continue. Here are a few shots from Mother’s Day. We are all grateful for the virtuous woman with whom God has graced our home.

An evening with dear personal friends, and great friends of our ministry.

A post-Mother’s Day picture at Bok Tower with both my mother and the mother of my children.

Also at Bok Tower, a chance to catch up with missionary colleague Mark Swedberg.

A flower among…other flowers.

Can there BE a more appropriate scientific name for this plant?

Making some important point or other at Shepherd Road Baptist Church.

Settling beyond a shadow of a doubt where my boys get their good looks.

I was recently introduced, by a group of local pastors, to this amazing hamburger place.

Stay tuned every Friday for more snapshots of our missionary adventures.


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