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Best of Brazil: Triunfo, PE

In January our BMM missionaries in NE Brazil get together for their annual conference/business meeting (we are good Baptists, after all…). This year we did not attend as we are in the US on furlough. However colleague Vicki Reiner posted some beautiful pictures of Triunfo, the city where the conference was held. With her permission I share a few of them with you.

The city of Triunfo from above.
One of the attractions of the city is a lift that goes from the hotel where the conference was held down to the city.
A closer look at the city. I think this was taken from the lift.
The quaint streets of Triunfo are similar to many streets I have seen in many cities throughout the Nordeste.
Say what you will about our Catholic friends, they build some magnificent buildings.
Inside, colleague Tim Reiner “preaches” in an unlikely setting. Martin Luther would be proud.
Besides its lovely setting, Triunfo has the distinction of being the birthplace of Brazil’s most famous outlaw, Lampião.

Talk back to the missionary: Visited any picturesque places recently? Tell us about it in the comments section.


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  1. Thanks for the birds eye view of Triunfo ! Praying for you and yours , Steve and Kathleen, Mary Ellen and James from Otisco Valley ,Preble)

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