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Meet Me in São Luís: September Seventh Celebration

This post is part of an ongoing series which seeks to introduce the readership of this blog to the many fascinating aspects of one of Brazil’s best-kept secrets–the city of São Luís.
Since 1994 it has been my privilege to watch the Independence Day parades (September 7th, here in Brazil) in many different locations. It’s always nice to see Brazilians expressing pride in my adoptive home.
But the parade here in São Luís blew me away. São Luís has a musical and military culture that is much more developed than other places I have been. Add to this the fact that there are two very good military schools here, and you come up with the ingredients for a killer parade.
Just look…

Not quite 76 trombones…but they had a big sound, nonetheless.

Armed to the teeth…

The “corpo de bombeiros” (firefighters) military school

Ready for battle!

Eat your heart out, C.H.I.P.S.

Standing at attention

The business end…

Marching gear
You can see more pictures of this year’s parade here.

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