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Best of Brazil: Special “Creepy Crawly” Post

As I was sifting through our photo archives the other day, it dawned on me that in the course of our almost two decades in Brazil we have had many encounters of the six-legged or eight-legged kind. These encounters have ranged from the interesting to the downright terrifying. And many of them have been caught on camera.

So, as a public service, here are the best of our photos featuring insects and spiders. Enjoy!

Ants are everywhere, constantly building things where we are trying to build things.
Some of their structures are very impressive.
And some of these ants can get very big.
Indeed, insects seem to come in larger sizes down here. Take this walking stick, for example.
Or this…whatever it is…we found at our house one day.
The same bug next to my hand, for comparison.

Of course, no post about Brazilian bugs would be compete without spiders.

Like this one Michael found when he went to lean up against a wooden post.
Or this one my wife found as she was getting ready to set the table.

But there is one insect that even the tarantulas fear. In Portuguese it is called “cavalo do cão”, or “the Devil’s horse”, and it is aptly named.  One day at camp we witnessed this epic battle.

Tarantula vs. The Devil’s Horse
One almost feels bad for the tarantula. Almost.


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