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A Letter to Rebecca on her Birthday

Rebecca is a sweet ten-year-old girl in our church who was so looking forward to her birthday party, scheduled for last Saturday. Unfortunately, the Corona Virus stepped in and changed those plans. Needless to say, she was very disappointed. Unable to visit, I decided to send this letter instead. Perhaps it will help others dealing with disappointment in these uncertain times.

Dear Rebecca,

Itacyara and I wish you a happy birthday, full of joy, love, and happiness.

We know that today did not happen the way you expected. Unfortunately, as you grow older and accumulate birthdays, you will find that it is often necessary to make decisions based on what is right, even if they are unpleasant. I know your parents are sad because of the decision they had to make, but I also know that it was the right decision, and it was made out of love for you.

But I want you to understand one thing: a birthday party is just a celebration of much more important events. In the last 366 days (it was a leap year, after all) you brought much joy to your parents and siblings, shared many adventures with your friends, encouraged your pastor every Sunday with your bright smile, learned many things that will be useful to you on the days and years to come, and, most importantly, grew “in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with God and men.”

All of this is what really counts, and a party only serves to celebrate these achievements. Although there may be no party, the achievements remain.

In these days when our schedules have been interrupted, it will be important to fill the time with other things. Surely you will have schoolwork to do at home. However, here are some suggestions for things to do in your spare time:

Help your parents at home. They certainly have a huge list – just like the one Itacyara has for me!

Read a book. Or two. Or ten. If you run out of books at home you can find more on the internet.

Start a hobby. (I’m reorganizing my stamp collection)

Memorize more Bible verses.

Write stories. You are very creative. I would like to read the stories you would write.

Itacyara, Michael, Nathanael and I are praying for you on this your birthday. And we are sure that God will use you greatly in the years to come.

In Christ,

Pastor Andrew


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