Last weekend we held our seventh annual anniversary conference at the Ebenezer Regular Baptist Church. As part of the conference, my son Michael, a teen named Rodrigo, and myself performed a recorder arrangement of the hymn Holy, Holy, Holy.

Go ahead and listen…then I’ll share a couple neat things about it.

It goes without saying that any time I get to play music next to my son is a special moment for me. But the family ties in this special go deeper than just father-son.

If you notice, the second verse (begins at the :50 mark) is a stylized version of the song. This was arranged by none other than my own mother, Judy Comings.

And it gets better. As Mom was doing the arrangement, she mentioned that she had found a wooden recorder that had belonged to her father, my grandfather.

My grandfather, Kenneth Coye, with the Smyrna Citizen’s band, with which he played for most of his life, and which is still active today.

In July she sent it down with the F.O.C.U.S. missions team, and I’ve been using it since.

Grandpa’s wooden recorder.

So, Grandpa’s recorder, Mom’s arrangement, my son and I playing. Four generations represented in that rendition of Holy, Holy, Holy.

And of course, let’s not forget Rodrigo!

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