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That’s One Big Step for Ebenezer…

Last night marked a huge milestone for the Ebenezer Regular Baptist Church. Our founding church (Good News Regular Baptist) voted to officially grant us “emancipated” status. What this means is that we are no longer a congregation of that church, but a duly recognized, independent, Regular Baptist church.

Our church family (minus a few regular attenders) who were present for this special moment.

For a long time we have functioned as an independent church. We have our own business meetings, elect our own officers, and pay our own bills. Financial assistance from our founding church was terminated over a year ago, and since then our congregation’s giving has more than made up for the deficit.

There are still much road to be traveled. The church still depends on missionary pastors. We are still working on getting our tax-exempt number (a rather daunting legal process here). There is an urgent need for a larger meeting place. But in the days ahead these steps will be taken by a fully independent church – in name as well as in deed.

There is no denying, this is great moment for us. But if you think this is a big deal, check back here in two weeks…

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