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Family Month: Prayer Meetings With Families

As I mentioned in our latest prayer letter, May is “Family Month” for many Brazilian churches. This year, one of the ways we are commemorating Family Month is by having our mid-week service in the homes of families in our church.

Now, before I go on, here is how Family Month has been going so far:

One family facing serious illness with two of their daughters.

One mother taken to the emergency room with a gallstone…now awaiting surgery.

Another lady dealing with a serious health issue.

One father suddenly out of work.

And May is only half over. At this point I’m considering canceling Family Month next year.

Back to Wednesday nights. One result of the spate of trials afflicting our church at the moment: prayer meetings have become much more meaningful. And meeting in people’s homes to pray is a big part of that, I think. It’s one thing to gather at church and pray. It’s another thing to minister to church family members in prayer in the intimacy of their own home.

I was just kidding about the whole “canceling Family Month” thing, by the way. In fact, I might extend the home prayer meeting aspect to other months as well.

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