Camp Update

On Thursday Itacyara and I, along with one of our deacons, went to the camp property to take care of some administrative tasks and prepare for this-week’s workday. While we were there, we snapped some pictures.
This picture was taken standing on a high point, looking back towards the road. The location of the road can be determined by the electric wires. Everything on this side of the electric wires is part of our camp property. And this elevated point is not quite halfway between the road and the river.
This picture was taken from a spot a little further from the road, and looking in the opposite direction. In the distance is a field, which is on the other side of the river.
Still further down the trail,towards the river, we make a right-hand turn onto the new property we purchased a few weeks ago. The light-colored stake in front of me marks the far limit of that property.
A left-hand turn takes us down once again towards the river. The river is lined with dense brush, as can be seen in this picture.
Finally, the river. This little pool–part of the expansion we purchased last month–will be what we turn into our swimming area. We plan to begin work on this on Thursday. The other task for Thursday will be to put a fence around the un-fenced portion of the property.
Bonus Picture
A few kilometers from our camp property is this establishment, with the unlikely name of “The God is Father Bar”.

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