Problems and Progress at Camp

Earlier this week Michael and I went out to Mount Zion Camp to set a couple construction projects in motion, and inspect some work that had been done. Upon our arrival, we discovered that there are a couple issues with the electrical power at the camp.

First, the transformer that serves the camp property is on the fritz. Now, at the outset, there is nothing we can do, as the electric company (from here on referred to by it’s common acronym, CEMAR) is responsible for the transformer. Or at least, that’s the theory. In reality, CEMAR pays scant attention to what goes on in the interior, and service requests sometimes have a waiting list that is a couple years long. So, we are waiting for someone from CEMAR to come out and look at it…and then we (the camp and the other residents who depend on said transformer) may end up having to pool our resources to install a transformer ourselves.

Second, as you can see from one of the pictures above, one of our homemade telephone poles has snapped in two. So, in addition to the construction project I set in motion (putting doors up on the bathrooms), we have also ordered the replacement of the telephone pole.

And, speaking of replacements, as is obvious from another picture above, we are also replacing hinges to the gate.

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