An Update from the Mount Zion Baptist Camp

Franciélio, one of the members of our camp development team, and I went to camp on Tuesday and returned on Thursday. We needed to purchase some more materials for our builders, and shop around for contractors for the next phase of the project.

Here are some pictures of some of our activities.

This is the kitchen as it looked upon our arrival Tuesday morning.
A look at the inside, from the kitchen area, looking towards the walk-in pantry.
Several months ago we were given wooden doors and shutters for the project. On Tuesday we were able to transport them to the camp, where we finished painting them and stored them away until we are ready for installation.
The gift of these doors and window shutters was a huge blessing for the camp.
Franciélio did some work on our water line.
When we left, this is how the kitchen looked.
The stucco going up on the outside of the kitchen.
Lord willing, the main structure will be finished by the end of next week. Then we begin the process of installing electric wiring, plumbing, iron grates, counter tops, sinks, and other odds and ends.

One of our purposes in taking this trip was to evaluate the effect of the current pandemic on the region. The economy of the area around our camp relies heavily on tourism traffic. As all the tourist spots have been shut down, the region, while not on a heavy lock-down like we are here on the island, is in a financial tailspin. In addition to this, the government is taking more stringent measures to enforce social distancing. These factors have caused us to decide to take a step back and wait before contracting workers for the next steps. Pray with us that we may be able to start up again soon.

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