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The Men of Ebenézer

This is one of the most important pictures I have posted in recent weeks from the Ebenezer congregation. Let me explain:

Last Sunday was Brazilian Fathers’ Day, and, as we have every year, the Ebenezer congregation honored the fathers that gathered there. That, however, is not the important thing about this picture.

There are several men in the picture in whose lives God has worked in spectacular ways over the past few weeks. We are rejoicing to see them in the church, and fellowshipping with God’s family. That is indeed significant, but it is not the most significant thing about this picture.

There are a couple new faces in the picture, indicating that the church is growing, even in our absence. Yet again, this is not what makes this picture stand out to me.

So what is it that makes this picture so important?

It is that, represented here, we have the foundation of leadership for the Ebenezer congregation for generations to come. Every man pictured is there because he understands the need to provide spiritual leadership for his family. This is even true for the one unbeliever (pray for him) in the picture, who, though the Gospel has not yet gripped his heart, is faithful in bringing his children, and often attends with them.

Each one of these men represents a family, and the Ebenezer congregation is the sum of those families. Hold these men up in your prayers–the road ahead of them is not easy.

But God is faithful.

Note: Of of the men in the picture is a visitor, but his children attend our church, and he himself was brought to Christ as a result of the faithful witness of his sons and daughters.

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