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Our “Daughter” in Bolivia

Some may remember back during our first term when we would ask for prayer for a young lady named Crizelite (Cris, for short). We met Cris when she was working as a maid for a lady in our neighborhood. It was not hard to see that she had a strong sense of the call of God on her life, and that she was a very hard worker. She became a very good friend, and for a time she lived in our home, and even participated in some of our madcap adventures.

Many of you prayed for her, and through financial gifts made it possible for her to go to Bible college. While there, she became burdened for the needs of Bolivia, Brazil’s neighbor to the southwest. With growing pride we have watched her as she graduated from Bible college, joined a mission agency, and raised her support.

Now, she has officially embarked on her journey, and her “parents” are bursting at the seams. We know God is going to use her in incredible ways.

You can see pictures of what she is doing now in Bolivia on her Facebook page.

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