Special Camp Update and Appeal

We posted the following video on Facebook at the beginning of the week, but we wanted to post it here with a more detailed explanation.

As we began our building project in the beginning of the year, several factors contributed to make the process more expensive: 1) The dollar took a dive in value against the Brazilian real. 2) The price of diesel went through the roof, making all construction materials that are delivered by diesel much more expensive. As it turns out, pretty much all construction materials are delivered by diesel trucks. 3) As our vehicle is also diesel, this means our trips to and from camp became that much more expensive. 4) We were forced by necessity to deviate from our original plan and include more bathrooms. For obvious reasons, bathrooms are among the most cost-intensive aspects of construction.

All this to say that, as we close in on the end of our construction, we are going to need an infusion of cash – to the tune of between $3,000 and $4,000 – in order to make the dorms ready for use by campers at our teen retreat in November. The video explains what still needs to be done, so please give it a watch, and then take some time to pray that God would provide for this ministry, as He has so many times in the past. And if you would like to be personally involved, this page will tell you how you can be.



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