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Snapshots of Missionary Life: Here and There in São Luís

A fun variety of pictures this week. As always, you can see them as they happen by following us on Instagram.

Showing my friend Euzimarques around São Luís. You can read more about the reason for his visit here.
It’s not for nothing that São Luís is called “The Island of Love.”
Hanging with my pal Daniel de la Touche (French Huguenot and founder of the city of São Luís)
São Luís is known for its beautiful architecture. One of my favorite buildings is the municipal library.
Someone’s day was not going very well.
Monthly meeting with our local pastors. Working with these guys is a blast.
Bonus pic: a friend of mine at the university was apparently bored, and decided to draw other people in the room. I just might make this my profile picture…


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