Missionary Max

Missionary Max Comes to Life!

Mrs. Oliveira’s sixth grade class has done it again. Last week was Spirit Week at their school, and on dress-up day they decided to come to class as their favorite Missionary Max characters.

Here’s the entire cast. Before scrolling down, see if you can figure out who is who. (of course, you will have to have read the books to know…)

Think you’ve got it? Here’s the answer key:

I may have mentioned before that Mrs. Oliveira’s class is in the school I went to for Elementary and Junior High. You have no idea the satisfaction I get from seeing kids at my alma mater dress up as characters from a book I wrote. Sometime perhaps I’ll write about a couple ways Twin Tiers Christian Academy contributed to my love of writing.

For now, a couple more pictures from Spirit Week:

“Diego” doing what Diego does. (PS…watch out for your foot!)
Ilana, Francesca, and Tanawehe…the formidable heroines of Missionary Max and the Lost City.

Give these kids an A for reading comprehension!


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